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Guns and action... and shooting

FIrst off - you used a bit of my music! :D You're the first to do that... it brings a little tear of joy to my eye.
As a long-time fan of Bionic Commando, I was kind of hoping for more bionic arm-action... but given the shortness of the animation, complete with intro-drop from helicopter and so on, I'm satisfied. In my opinion, the animation is good as an iconographic little dive into the Bionic Commando universe - like you wrote in the description, it doesn't have much of a storyline, but hey, it's based on a game. I appreciate it for what it is, and that's action.

Butzbo responds:

wow, phoenixdk!!!,it is cool to see a review by one of the music authors!
well,i found a great "adventurer feeling" in the guitar jam ,so it was perfect to something like credits, thanks for to do the cool song.

Very residents!

Honestly, at first I thought it was a speak-track from the Residents, but I guess not?
In short, fabulously executed visual style, complete with the grainy, dirty Cunningham-ish acid feel, and a Lynch-y weird progression. I probably would have opted for a more varied soundtrack, but that's really just a matter of taste. Excellent work!

Sqeezy responds:

Yeah, I failed with the soundtrack, lmao even though I tried. I'll work on my skills on that in the next time though. It needs some tuning.
But I'm very glad you did enjoy it nontheless, and built yourself a proper opinion about this.


Two words: CHUCK and NORRIS. That bit was so goddamn funny!


I totally agree - this fan-stuff is all over the place. Which means that this submission can be watched two ways - as a parody of parodies, or as a standalone submission. Some people may not appreciate that, but I think the idea alone is hilarious!
An idea for your next one - make something that is TOTALLY violent, and TOTALLY interactive, and so on... to match the rating criteria!

You f*ck cows in retrospect, c*ntface manwh*re

A lot of people would probably call this lame or cheap or whatever, but I laughed my ass off. Especially the long rant in the end... I've never heard anyone say "man yoghurt" in such an absolutely mad tone of voice.

The 184 shades of brown

Great little piece of work, but there are a few issues... first, the theme is pretty loose, but that isn't neccesarily a bad thing. Second, if you use gradients and fading screens it isn't really 5 shades of brown. It would have been more fun to see the creators trying to work around the rule, instead of just bending it.
Of course, aside from the rules you set yourselves, there's nothing to point at. It's got good animation all around, decent sound, and fun contents.

We're off to never-never-land

Haha, the cliché is spot on... I particularly loved the chorus with the aggressive synth and the rap going on! The quickly changing imagery works well, mimicking the style of the music videos. The lyrics are quite hard to hear, but luckily there are subtitles..
Overall it's just a nice animation with a particularly well made music side!

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