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Not bad, not extraordinary

Nice theme, from a fun game! The cover is rather precise, but not with a lot of surprises in there. Lovely touch with the guitar, I love that, but the entire mix is a bit "flat", there's room for a lot mroe in there.. not necessarily more instruments, just "more"! More smack in those drums, a deeper or more "toney" bass, maybe make it a bit more heavy metal-ish, some kind of overall direction.
Good theme, good execution, but the production could use some work.

ZombiePosessor responds:

Take note people, more of you should review like this guy. Thanks.

Yes it's a cover, but a good'un!

First off - this has obviously been done a million times before. That shouldn't stop you from doing it too, it just means that there are a lot of takes on it out there, some really good, some really bad.
This is one of the good ones! The loose playing makes it all the more interesting to hear, instead of a completely straight, metronome tight rendition of one of the most well known themes in videogame history. It's only one instrument though, and for one instrument, doing a cover, to reach the really high levels, it would have to be virtuoso in some way, which this isn't quite.
Still, good effort, with a nice result to show for it! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Just fantastic!

It's short, to the point, and fantasically great! Saxophone... I've said it before and I'll say it again - this just adds a whole new dimension to the original tune!
The handclaps and slightly un-tight, live-ish playing really adds to the minimalistic "theme" of this track. And it works great as a loop. What more is there to say? Superb!


The slightly off-key, very slow progression here just takes this theme to a new level... it becomes more humoristic, and just more interesting! And saxophone... what a peculiar yet beautiful instrument!
This has to be the best snippet of music I've heard on NG. A big ten, I could listen to this all day!

Totally brill, that's all you need to know

Fantastic rendition of a great theme. About halfway through I was thinking "now would be a great time to put in a solo or two", and guess what? They popped right out. Nice simulation of the steeldrum sound with the tapping!
Now, on a track like this I think that "diversity" is just out of place. I gave everything generally high scores because this is overall a great piece of music.
Except for the sudden ending there's really only one point of critique - again, the drums. Some more free drumming would be really good for the jazzy feel... for a full-ten mark, throw in some more drumfills, a bit of live-sound and some drunk shouting jazz musicians... but this is small stuff, I mean it's brill. Keep up the good work!

Stage3-1 responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism.

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